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Iowa Specific Radon Information: Tell Us Your Story

My husband and I got the news on the day before my 57th birthday- "I had lung cancer".

How could that be? I've never smoked a cigarette in my life.

But after reading a short article titled 'Nonsmokers and Lung Cancer,' I learned that radon causes lung cancer, and Iowa has the highest incidence of radon in the entire country-seven out of ten homes have levels that are too high!

My left lung was removed, and I had four rounds of chemotherapy. It took just one day to have our house mitigated. Now I'm cancer-free and feel safe to breathe the air in my own home.

I tell my story often so that other Iowans won't have to hear those unthinkable words - it's lung cancer.
-Gail, Pleasant Hill


My fiancée and I started looking for our first home in 2012 and quickly found one that had everything we wanted. Luckily, our realtor told us about radon and that we could ask to have the house tested as part of our purchase agreement. With a history of cancer in both our families, we wanted to feel comfortable knowing we were living in a safe environment. We chose to have the house tested. When the results came back high we worked with the current home owners to have a mitigation system installed. We now can 'breathe easily' in our new home.
-Josh, Waterloo


After my husband and I purchased a new home in 2008, I commented how we needed to test for radon. We both put it at the bottom of the "new house to do list" until I heard Gail Orcutt share her testimony in the fall of 2010. We immediately tested our basement and waited for the result which came in at 15.8 pCI/L. The levels in our basement since mitigation are less than 0.5 pCi/L. I'm thankful every time I see the mitigation system, knowing we've done all we can to protect our family from radon exposure. If you haven't tested your home, please do not delay. This one simple act could save you and those you love.
-Kerry, West Des Moines


Like a lot of families, radon wasn't exactly a priority concern for us. We were shocked when we discovered that our home had radon levels that were significantly higher than acceptable levels - more than six times higher. As parents of two young children under the age of four, the choice was clear - we had to get the radon out of our home. My wife and I spend all day, every day working to keep our children safe from harm and we were going to do whatever was necessary to eradicate this deadly killer from our home. Thankfully, it was an easy process.
-Jon, Des Moines


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